Crowd Funding Dump

Kickstarter has subdivided their “technology” category into “open software” and “open hardware” which makes my job a little faster. There aren’t very many things in it…but I suppose that also makes my job a little faster.


Details after the jump.


Lets just get this one out of the way first. MaKey MaKey now has $539,391 (<24 hours to go). It was $400K back around June 8th. I don’t get it, but I’m obviously in the minority.

The Safecast X Geiger Counter has blown past its $4,000 goal with $42,034 and 7 days to go.

A new company called QU-BD (pronounced “cubed”) is attempting to manufacture a “Universal 3D Printer Extruder” that can not only be stacked for dual extrusion but also beats the price-point of all other consumer-grade plastic extruders. They are well past their $5,000 goal with $17,657 and still have 24 days to go.

The B9Creator (a photo-resin-based 3D printer), which was already funded a month ago, now has $467,021 ($50K goal).

The Wireless Inventors Shield for Arduino is beyond its $2,400 goal with $9,446 and 16 days left. I’m actually kind of surprised this one isn’t more popular. If I was being cynical I’d say it’s because the video simply explains what it does and how it’s better than other wireless Arduino shields, but doesn’t feature any bright colors, loud noises, or exciting music. Maybe if Armen Kazanchian had taken some hints from MaKey MaKey and shown how you can play a video game, with bananas, from 500 feet away, his project would have more backers. He’s funded, so it’s not a problem, but it still seems like more people would have jumped on this.

Open Rail is another t-slot linear bearing system. They only have $3,230 of their $4,900 goal, but they’ve got 27 days to go.

By far the prettiest 3D printer I’ve seen is The Vision by Matt Underwood. It also seems to be at the center of the most significant drama I’ve ever seen in the RepRap community. Whatever you might think about its originality, it’s fully funded with $30,812 of $25K requested. Three people even donated $5 for nothing more than getting their name displayed on the website.

The Variable USB-based Power Supply is still less than half of its $14K goal with $6,667. People just don’t like cool tools. Weird.

It doesn’t look like Rapcraft is going to get funded. They’ve got $13,356 of $50,000 with a little more than a day left.

The Plugable Thin Client is in the same boat. They have 8 days left but they’d have to get from $6,885 to $125K.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what the Robotic Minion is for. If I had to guess I’d say it’s an augmented Arduino Uno clone. So, it looks like a regular Arduino to the IDE, but it’s got extra built in features like software modules and a human-machine interface. They seem to have a good chance of reaching their goal. They’ve got $3,228 of $5,000 with 20 days left.


I’m not sure I even want to review what’s happening on Indiegogo. At least hardware projects on Kickstarter get funding. The Open Source Braille Display didn’t even reach its modest goal of $1,500. Note: do not go to Indiegogo for hardware funding…actually, that’s an oversimplification. Feel free to use them if your project directly benefits needy communities and/or disaster victims, you have an ongoing library of user stories, and your video is really good. like LuminAID ($51,854 of $10K). It’s probably an audience thing.


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