Gary Hodgson DLP Resin Printer Lessons Learned

In the never ending quest for higher 3D printing resolution, the hobby community has naturally turned to DLP (digital light processing) in which a liquid polymer is selectively hardened by a projected image. ScribbleJ’s Thingiverse entry is a good first step. Gary Hodgson has written up an excellent analysis of his DLP printer here.

Exceprts after the jump:

“Once I had considered what my end goals really were I came to the conclusion that the powder approach would not yield the resolution and quality I would want.”

“…whilst I have had a couple of “successful” prints, my definition of success here is purposely quite flexible!”

“[Resin is] the key component which, to date, has impeded DIY DLP resin printers due to it’s exorbitant cost. However, this is already changing. I bought 1kg of Spot-GP resin from spotamaterials here in Europe for ~€85 (+€35 shipping to Germany). Still way more expensive than materials for FDM printing, but I imagine prices will drop over time as they did with PLA filament.”

“The most important feature is that the projector has to be one with DLP technology! LCD projectors filter the necessary UV light and appear simply not to work.”

“I considered bulb wattage a more important factor than the lumen rating as it seems the lumen values given by various manufacturers varies considerably, and I got the feeling, after reading many reviews, that the lumen value is not very dependable.”

“The shortest distance the projector can throw, and be in focus, is approximately 35cm (if I remember correctly). One could possibly open the projector and physically modify the focus mechanism, or lens, in order to reduce the throw (as Mike has done with his B9Creator), but I’m wary of making modifications to the projector itself and so opted to use a cheap magnifying glass to do the job.”

“…the vat holds enough resin to complete my small test prints, and I load the resin via a large syringe.”

“I am using a modified version of Printrun…”

“My very unscientific initial tests seemed to show an exposure time of 1 second will harden ~0.1mm of resin – but I have to caveat that there are many factors which can play a part, not least of which is my my poor process. I shall endeavour to produce more reliable figures in the near future.”

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One thought on “Gary Hodgson DLP Resin Printer Lessons Learned

  1. […] the name Gary Hodgson sounds familiar, that’s because he built a DLP resin printer, which Openalia covered previously. I don’t think I’m outing him as a true geek when I point to this… An […]

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