All The Uses For An Old Android Phone

Modern smart phones are incredibly capable devices. The guidance computer that got Apollo 11 to the moon and back could be simultaneously emulated 10,000 times on the smart phones that we are replacing every couple of years.

There’s got to be something better than just chucking them in a drawer.

After an exhaustive survey of the interwebs, I’ve turned up roughly 15 things that it makes sense to do with your old phone. The most obvious, and least satisfying, is to just keep it charged so you can use it as an emergency phone. Meh. An improvement would be to install a VOIP service and use it to make free calls over your home Wi-Fi network. If you don’t want to use your old phone as a phone, you can take advantage of all that memory; load it up with content and it can be an MP3 player, an e-reader, a game system, or even a full-fledged media server (yes a server). Whatever you do…please don’t just use it as an alarm clock.

All that and more after the jump.

If you like some of these ideas, but you don’t have an old smart phone, head to ebay. The selection of used Android phones is impressive. Some are going for under $25, and nearly all are under $75.

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3 thoughts on “All The Uses For An Old Android Phone

  1. sepero111 says:

    I love these old android smart phone alternative uses. Here are some other ideas:
    -Baby monitor
    -GPS tracking device
    -Wireless hotspot
    -Media Center remote control
    -Opportunity to play with Rooting a Android phone inexpensively


  2. sepero111 says:

    -Audio recorder, for spying or other uses

  3. D Avidhell says:

    Made my old Droid Incredible into a radio: connected to my home network via WiFi, then to a remote speaker via Bluetooth. Downloaded a radio app from Google Play store, and voila…excellent radio, getting stations from all over the world!

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