The name “openalia” was inspired by the realization that “open source hardware” is too hard to say (and type). So open source became just “open” and hardware became “paraphernalia.” Apparently “alia” also means “lofty” or “rising” in Arabic/Hebrew so, you know, it also works from that angle. It is also a genus of mollusk.

Openalia grew out of the huge backlog of open source stuff I want to investigate. I would like for it to be an information hub, an educational resource, and a catalyst for cooperation.

My name is Matthew Maier. When not at work or school, I am pursuing my love of open source technology. I have a Thing-o-Matic on my desk, a Mendel in the shop, and I’m a member of Open Source Ecology & Team Wikispeed.

Open Source Ecology – Log

PrintThat – Old Blog

Disruptivation – Older Blog

Homepage – MatthewPMaier.com

One thought on “About

  1. Cameron Dell says:

    I really like the idea of open source. I’ve read most of the website hear and at OSE. I love the way people can lay it out and dot all the eye’s. I’m more of a hands on type of guy. Who has just recently retired. This will give me the time to participate in OS project.

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