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Vote For An Open Source Ecology Documentary In The Focus Forward Competition

Vimeo is being stupid and I can’t figure out how to embed the video.

Anywho, Open Source Ecology (OSE) is an awesome project that is trying to create an open source version of the infrastructure that the modern world depends on. Basically, all the machines you’d need to turn dirt into iPhones.

This is a documentary about their work that has been doing well in the Focus Forward filmmaker competition. Go watch it and add your vote!


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Gary Hodgson DLP Resin Printer Lessons Learned

In the never ending quest for higher 3D printing resolution, the hobby community has naturally turned to DLP (digital light processing) in which a liquid polymer is selectively hardened by a projected image. ScribbleJ’s Thingiverse entry is a good first step. Gary Hodgson has written up an excellent analysis of his DLP printer here.

Exceprts after the jump: Continue reading

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