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The Raspberry Pi Super Computer (With Legos)

The Raspberry Pi is a $35 single board computer.

If you network a lot of computers together you can use them like one giant computer. If you’re 6 you can hold them all together with Legos. Check out Professor Simon Cox’s group at Southampton University; they put Legos and Rasberry Pis together to form a supercomputer and documented the process so you can make one yourself (2-64+ nodes).

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3D Scan Cleanup by Tony Buser

3D scanners are great, but they create “dirty” meshes. Overlapping points and reversed normals don’t matter until you try to print the mesh on a 3D printer. Then the slicing engine will get confused because it can’t tell where the inside/outside of the model is. Correcting these “dirty” meshes involves a lot of tools, some expertise, and a little bit of luck.

Tony Buser has provided an excellent tutorial describing his process. He takes a 3D scan, massages it through several different programs, and the result is a perfectly printable 3D model.

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