These are questions that I use to gather information about projects.

What is your name and background?

Did you have any engineering experience before you started?

When did you start and when did you go open source?

What made you decide to open source the project?

Did you choose one particular license over others? Why?

Were there any tools/resources that were vital to your success?

Any tools that were just really cool that everyone should know about?

Could you suggest one really important skill people should learn first?

Were there any significant changes between revisions or forks?

Did you ever make a major shift in the direction of the project? Why?

How much of the project was individual effort and how much was social?

Are you anywhere close to feeling “done” with the project?

Do you plan on selling anything when you’re finished?

Has it been successfully used in a real job? By anyone else?

Where do you want to take the project from here?

What do you think about open source as a philosophy? As a strategy?

Do you follow any other open source projects?

In your wildest dreams, what would be open sourced next?

Any other thoughts you’d like to share?

These are things that make it easier to describe projects.

Link(s) to any relevant website/document.
Names and/or contact info of collaborators.
A timeline/list of any major revisions/forks.
Clear picture(s) of each module.
Introductory or demonstration video(s).
Links to previous media appearances.
Related projects by other people/organizations.

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