Crowd Funding Dump

So, apparently the JOBS Act officially sanctioned “crowdfunding” (yes it’s a real word now).

The catch is that “investors” can only work with “issuers” through the services of a “portal” which has to be registered with the SEC. What this means is that Indiegogo and Kickstarter will have some competition and we’re about to see a lot more innovative ideas pitched (more or less) directly to the public.

Anywho…that’s fascinating and all…but what will it do for open source hardware? I dunno; lets find out. Assuming there’s enough activity (seems like a safe assumption) the Crowd Funding Dump (CFD) will become a regular feature on Openalia.


  • B9Creator – A High Resolution 3D Printer by Michael Joyce

    • $84,667 of $50,000 with 31 days left. FUNDED!
    • Most 3D printers use plastic deposition. This one uses photo-initiated polymer resin. Michael combined a standard projector, some stepper motors, and some (newly developed?) resin that allows you to print high-resolution plastic models with basically no support structure. This one could be really popular with all the artists out there.
    • He promises to open source the design after obligations to supporters are met.

  • Open Source Tracking Device by DSS Circuits

    • $28,155 of $10,000 with 15 days left. FUNDED!
    • Not a 3D printer! This little guy is a deck-of-cards-sized GPS-over-cell-phone tracking device. Just plug in a SIM card, a small antenna and a battery, then hide it somewhere. To find out where it’s at you send it a text message and it replies with a link to Google Maps.
    • He promises to open source it.


  • The Kontinuum Garden – an open source rotate-and-drain hydroponic garden by Mads & Jeppe Rasmussen

    • $575 of $8,000 with 35 days left.
    • Not only do they want to design an open source, hands-off magical hydroponic garden, they want to FIRST build a 3D printer with a giant build area to print the parts…to be honest I’m not entirely sure why they can’t just make the garden out of regular materials, or how useful the design files will be when you need a giant 3D printer to print them…but, hey, giant 3D printer and magical garden. It’s two OSH projects for the price of one.
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